Peasant chicken to your table
Makes your dinner especially delicious
Production of TM "Chebaturochka - peasant chicken"
Poultry for TM "Chebaturochka - peasant chickens" is grown according to the best rural traditions. Poultry houses are located in the villages of Volodymyr-Volyn district. The chicken is fed with natural feed and clean water.
"Chebaturochka - peasant chicken" grows in an ecologically clean region, where fresh air and proven European technologies are combined. This helps to produce tender and high-quality chicken meat without the use of growth stimulants and antibiotics for prevention or various injections.
There are no antibiotics in the production of TM "Chebaturochka - peasant chicken" chicken at all stages. This is confirmed by regular analyzes in state, specialized laboratories on the 10th, 20th, 30th and 42nd days of poultry rearing, and additional laboratory studies of chicken before packaging.
Employees of the producer's poultry farm check feed, water and soil for the presence of antibiotics in their own laboratories to be sure of the naturalness and quality of the product for 100%.